We need your help! US Friends of Latymer (USFOL) are currently in the process of raising $30,000 to cover the fourth USFOL Scholarship which provides 100% of the annual school fees for a Sixth Form pupil who would otherwise not be able to take up their hard-won place at Latymer. Our first USFOL scholar, Cassandra, graduated from Latymer in 2014 and went on to study English Literature at the University of Sussex. The second scholar is in her third year at University College London (UCL) and the third scholar is in her first year at Oxford University studying Law.


The fourth USFOL scholar, like his predecessors, could never have taken up his hard won place at Latymer without 100% fee remission. He recently started in the Sixth Form studying Maths, Geography and Economics, and has already made an impact in the school by playing an active part in the extracurricular life of the School as well.


“The USFOL Bursary gave me an amazing, and otherwise out-of-reach, opportunity to develop and grow in confidence to the point at which I could face university head-on and use the skills I was taught at Latymer to achieve high marks in my university assessments. I continue to be very grateful.”


All gifts, large and small, are needed now to cover the fees for the next USFOL scholar. 100% of your gift will go to funding this award. It would be wonderful to be able to say that our next scholarship was funded by the majority of Latymerians living in the US. In other words, it is your participation that matters, not the amount you give! Thank you in advance for your generosity.


Donations to the US Friends of Latymer Scholarship can be made through British Schools and Universities Foundation (BSUF), a non-profit, tax-exempt charitable organisation recognised as a 501(c)3 by the IRS. Contributions to BSUF are deductible for US Federal income tax purposes and earn the same tax relief as any other donations made to US charities. Bequests, legacies, devises, transfers, or gifts to it are deductible for Federal estate and gift tax purposes.


To make a gift and take a US income tax deduction, you may make a donation to BSUF (Federal Tax ID 13-616-1189). You should express a preference for “The Latymer Foundation at Hammersmith/USFoL Scholarship” in your transmittal letter. Such preferences are respected by BSUF but all grants are made at its sole discretion, as required by the IRS.



  • Make checks payable to “British Schools and Universities Foundation, Inc.”

  • In your gift, you can express a preference for support of “The Latymer Foundation at Hammersmith”. This should be indicated by a notation on the check, as well as your transmittal letter.

  • Mail your check to: 575 Madison Avenue, Suite 1006, New York, NY 10022-2511


Postmark on or before December 31st to qualify for current-year tax deduction.


Credit Card

One-Time Donations or Monthly Recurring Payments


  • Securely donate by credit card at Network for Good.

  • This can be done as a one-time or recurring donation.

  • Network for Good will deduct 3% from your donation for processing, or you can opt to cover this in your donation. Note that when gifts are made online, your receipt for tax purposes will come from Network for Good.


Stocks and Shares

Some donors can realize significant tax benefits in giving gifts of marketable securities. Please see Instructions for Donating Securities. To contact BSUF regarding these gifts, please email treasurer@bsuf.org


Gifts over $210 per month (or $2500 per annum) qualify for inclusion in the Latymer Leadership List.


All gifts large and small are greatly appreciated and help us fund the USFOL Scholarship. Regular giving is enormously important to us as it allows us to future-plan. We are grateful to the many Latymerians who choose to donate in this way.


Please contact Rishi Chopra, Alumni Relations Manager, with any questions.



100% of the donations received will go towards the USFOL Scholarship.


All gifts large and small are greatly appreciated!




at Stanford University

The Head meets Latymerians in Southern California


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